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Oral History Seminar

There will be an oral history seminar in Launceston 10.30–2.30 on Saturday 5 August. Speakers and topics:

Ian Terry, One hell of an inferno: oral history and the 1967 Tasmanian bushfires

On 7 February 1967 bushfires engulfed south-eastern Tasmania in an inferno that killed 64 people and caused extensive damage. In its commemorative exhibition on the Black Tuesday fires the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery used oral history extensively to elicit a range of personal stories of the day. Fifteen Tasmanians shared their experiences on video with exhibition curator, Ian Terry, creating a powerful archive of moving testimony. The museum screened edited sequences of the interviews throughout the exhibition to provide visitors with an opportunity to engage with the personal impact of fires on a deeply emotional level. In this talk Ian will share how this award-winning exhibition was developed and how videoed oral history played a critical role in its success.

Dr Jen Thompson, The secrets of the Shakespeare ladies

Shakespeare created memorable female characters that held many secrets: Portia knew the secret of the caskets, Juliet had a secret lover and Desdemona fell victim to a secret letter. These are not the secrets that Jen Thompson sought when she wrote the history of the Wagga Wagga Shakespeare Club, the longest continuously operating Shakespearean reading group in the world. She was looking for the secret of longevity. This presentation will describe the project, which included collecting the oral histories of present members, archival research and the re-staging of a play entitled, The Heroines of Shakespeare.

Dr Nicolá Goc, The migrant experience and oral history

Following World War II thousands of migrants came to Tasmania. The University of Tasmania’s Nicolá Goc interviewed many of the women, using photographs to help elicit their stories and later displaying items important to the women in a travelling exhibition. She will talk about the challenges and pleasures of recording migrant stories.

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Oral History Workshop

The next oral history workshop is planned for May 2018. Further details will be available in early 2018.